Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ginger is her name

Let the WORK begin!

My daughter even lended a hand with this little diamond in the rough!

This is the 66 shasta listed inn an older post below. A lovely Lady e-mailed me about two weeks ago and said she wanted her! So we pulled her over to the work area and got to all the important stuff like propane, electrical, bearings etc. It took about a week of nonstop working to get her Road Ready to head east to her new home in Spokane.(and that turqoise beauty in the background your saying?) I will be doing a post on that beauty next!

Her new owner promptly named her Ginger!

And here's Ginger in all her Glory!

Is this just the perfect picture of Retro Glamping?

She's going home to Spokane and will be the proud camper house to two beautiful Cocker Spaniels and their mother Cori!

They don't get much cuter than this!

Happy trails to Cori and her 2pups!


  1. Love, love wish you guys were closer to us! I so want a little vintage camper already fixed up!

  2. Great job, you guys! You are really whipping them out fast now. Reminds me of my first little baby Shasta, sigh....

  3. Too durn cute! I am going back to read more of your posts.

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    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~

  4. so cute - I noticed the bottom of the awning poles, what are they? are they cans of concrete - great idea. I am curious how they were made?

  5. Oh what a lovely little restoration ... love love love it. Lucky new owner!

  6. The turquoise beauty in the tell!!

  7. I ♥ ALL of them here. Any ideas where to go to get one in North East Indiana????