Friday, March 25, 2011

Next trailerette in the works is a 66 Shasta Compact

1966 Shasta 10ft Compact with wings!
She's a diamond in the rough, just fresh out of the bush!
"as is" price
This little baby is next on our list to "refurbish"

Or buy her as she is shown here


  1. I just became a follower! Love the trailers! Will be watching as you refurbish. Keeping my eyes peeled for "the one". Love that you started this blog along with your other.

  2. This is such a cutie!!! Can't wait to see how you dress her up!

  3. I love the Shasta cuties with wings! I have a '68 Shasta,have been working on her, but she's far from done. Maybe this summer? I will follow your blog, hope to learn and be inspired! So glad to have found you.

  4. OMG! Just found your blog and can't believe I missed that little '64 Shasta with bathroom!
    Does this one have a bathroom? I'm in the market for one like this.
    Thank you.
    PS Beautiful Blog!

  5. Is this darling still for sale? I am in the market for a vintage trailer and am looking for one with a sound body (no wood rot) but would love to personalize the interior myself. Can you help? You have the most gorgeous site on the entire internet!!!! Thanks!
    Laurie K.

  6. Extremely interested in this little beauty. Is she still available for sale? Please respond to

    thank you and really appreciate your site.


  7. Is this trsiler available? Do you have others that are refurbished and for sale?
    Thank you,

  8. Keep up the blog! I'm getting addicted to the vintage trailers. We have a double-king-size-bed tent trailer, but a vintage is in our future plans (hopefully!). Saving up for it. Would like a least a 15ft, roomy floor plan trailer w/bathroom. Hope that's not asking too much. Hubby is NOT a fixer-upper, so I'm glad your husband does the work he does on it. I can decorate the inside if the important work is already done. Where are you located? :-) I'm in eastern WA.

    Connie Sue