Monday, May 23, 2011

trailers for sale

Now they don't get much smaller than this little tiny 61 Aloha!

She's in need of some TLC!

Has a tiny front kitchen , flip up table that sits in front of the bed/sofa at the rear.****$1500*** As she sits title in hand! sold

Everybody loves a Shasta! The very desireable 10ft compact 1961! sold!

Definately a little rough around the edges, but you gotta love the homemade door! ******$1599**** Sold!

Cute front kitchen with yellow counter

Interior all in tact has original table, seats, wood panelling.

One little, two little three little trailer ***** both THE blue sHASTA AND THE YELLOW aLOHA ARE SOLD, BUT THE 65 red and white Shasta with wings is still available as-is for $1500

1960 Dalton new birch front and rear

I'm lovin the turquoise arrow on the rear panel

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bye bye Buttercup

Buttercup on her way to her new home

This is such a sweet trailer and she is going to the PERFECT family! Mark and Theresa are going to turqouise her up to go along with their 57 chevy!

Mark and Theresa were bit by the bug, and I think seeing the vintage trailers at The Funky Junk Show this weekend sent them over the edge like it did me exactly One year ago when I met my friend Kari sister 724 and her tiny Corvette trailer. 3days later I had my very first trailer and it's been a love affair ever since with these old tin cans!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Trailer envy

This is Buttercup she was at the Junk Salvation show in Hilsboro, Oregon

Completely redone kitchen sooo bright and cheery!

I adore these yellow and red upholstered dinette seats!

Here's my little shabby chic'e Aladdin . This is my booth at The Junk Salvation Show a couple months ago. The May show is coming up next weekend in Puyallup, Wa go here for more details

My Aladdin is a 15ft 1963. This is my very first trailer and I still love her, but I have yet to give her a name any ideas?

This was the front of my trailer I covered the hitch with a tutu lamp shade.