Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome to my new vintage trailer blog

Currently for-sale 1965 15ft Aladdin
This sweet little trailer is ALL original

Sorry guys the Aladdin is officially off the market!


Hi everybody! Welcome to my new blog where I plan on featuring everything about my second love "VINTAGE TRAILERS"! I will be posting pics of trailers we have for sale, trailers that I love , my friends trailers , or info on our camp- outs! If you want one of these little dream machines or just love looking at them I hope you become a follower and encourage me to keep this blog up. This is a 10ft Aristocrat Lo-Liner This is one of the very first trailers we "refurbished and sold" Isn't this the cutest little set-up? A front dreamy kitchen
The tiny little Aristocrat Lo-liner went to a darling young couple in West-Seattle. They wanted it to take up to the mountains for a ski "lodge"
We are "refurbishers" not restorers. My husband is EXTREMELY handy and does all of the fix up stuff like sealing the roof, fixing the lights, putting in new flooring, checking out the propane, packing the wheelbearings and any other little repairs the trailers may need to make them "road worthy". We don't put thousands of dollars into these , mostly keep them as original as possible and sell them for a reasonable price so you can put your own personal touch on them.

This trailer sold for $2995


  1. I just love these sweet little homes on wheels. So glad you started this blog, looking forward to seeing and reading more about these vintage cuties!!!

  2. Oh, she's a BEAUTY! I love her and would love, someday, to find one and do the same! What fun and what a lucky couple to find a "ski lodge" priced like this...


    (Good luck with your new blog, love it!)

  3. Oh how exciting your new blog is! A vintage trailer is on me and hubby's Want List:) I'm following along for sure!!!

  4. I'm so glad you started this blog! Looking forward to all your posts.

  5. SOOOOO CUTTEEE.....we're looking for one locally...nice ideas and very well done! Mel's Cabin follows you.

  6. Love your blog. Is it not often that I find someone who can spell Issaquah correctly. LOL I graduated from there. love these old trailers. Sorry I missed the outing at XXX.

  7. Love the blog! I'm a newbie, will be getting a 15 ft. Aladdin trailer that has been bouncing around in my family for years. I'm going to call it "Lil' Boomerang". I cannot wait to get my hands on it!!!!

  8. I love vintage trailers! I recently purchased one, or eh-hem, TWO within 3 weeks of each other. We bought a Cardinal, started restoration, and then (of course) the DREAM trailer showed up for a steal in the local classifieds, a Shasta. Good thing my hubby is supportive!!! lol We did end up selling the Cardinal to another vintage trailer restorer.

    I just began a blog, that it ever evolving as I learn how to blog. I think I will rename it, because it will be so much more than just about my Shasta restoration....

  9. can anyone tell me what this is? brand? year? etc.
    Just brought it home, starting a full Refurb! to match my 65 VW bus.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


  10. Hubby and I want to get our first vintage camper and I cannot wait:). Love this blog.

  11. I sold my 65loliner 3yrs ago and regret I just won the highest bid..on another one!