Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meet Polka Dot Rosie

Well finally my Little old Aladdin gets her name and her new paint job!

My first born is getting her new paint job, well you know what I mean (Sorry kids) a trailer to them, but you know what I mean!

This was the original stripe, but I thought it was a little whimpy!

Mr perfectionist.

Well what do you think? Pretty good for a $35 dollar paint job!

Do you think she needs a silver pin stripe?

Just a quick look at Polka Dot Rosie from the rear!

This paint was awesome for the price ($35 bucks!) I purchased it at Rodda, it is and industrial machine paint oil based enamel and comes in a variety of really great colors! We rolled it on with a very low pile roller, it dries quick so you have to be fast. The hubs did the important rolling job , but I did the even more important "smoothing job" with a foam paint pad I folllowed behind and smoothed out the tiny bubbles!


  1. Would love to see photos of her inside.

  2. Hey, Amy: Love your work on vintage trailers,too! You're so talented! A real visionary!

  3. I am about to paint my trailer - what is the brand name of the paint you used? - Yours looks great.

  4. Hey, you and your daughter have done a great job! i wish i might have seen the Interior Painting of it!

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  6. I'm looking for a restored pink or red Shasta trailer.
    If you come across one, please contact me.

  7. hey! i´m from México! Don´t you have an other web site to see the trailers?

  8. I just "bought" my second trailer, sadly the first one, a freebie, could not be salvaged. I am interested in learning more about the painting that you did. Have read so many sites that got very technical and way above my capabilities. How did you prep it? BTW, my purchase is a 1967 Corsair and I can't find any info on them?


  9. Still looking for a cute refurbished vintage trailer to live in while we build our house. Afterward making it into our guest room. Would you please email me? Very, very interested. Thank you. Rhonwen

  10. What is the name of the paint? I am looking to DIY paint our vintage trailer also.

    1. So did you ever get the name of that paint?

  11. Lost our little cabin to Idaho wildfire on Sunday. Looking for a small vintage trailer to put on our recreational property. Idahomvp @

  12. Im going to paint mine in the spring. What's the name of that paint you used. I luve in Kansas