Monday, May 23, 2011

trailers for sale

Now they don't get much smaller than this little tiny 61 Aloha!

She's in need of some TLC!

Has a tiny front kitchen , flip up table that sits in front of the bed/sofa at the rear.****$1500*** As she sits title in hand! sold

Everybody loves a Shasta! The very desireable 10ft compact 1961! sold!

Definately a little rough around the edges, but you gotta love the homemade door! ******$1599**** Sold!

Cute front kitchen with yellow counter

Interior all in tact has original table, seats, wood panelling.

One little, two little three little trailer ***** both THE blue sHASTA AND THE YELLOW aLOHA ARE SOLD, BUT THE 65 red and white Shasta with wings is still available as-is for $1500

1960 Dalton new birch front and rear

I'm lovin the turquoise arrow on the rear panel


  1. What fun! How much work will you actually put in them to resell them? Will you try to take the bangs out of the siding? Try to replace the door with a real one? Clean up and paint the inside if it needs it? Just curious...they just fascinate me-it's like going down to playhouse size as an adult, isn't it? Hugs- Diana

  2. sooo sweet. love these pics.
    but um... my little trailer is
    even tinier at 8 feet (body).
    come see. :o)

    jAne (SOTF sister #1818)

  3. I just bought my first one today! We bought a Scotty, can't pin down the date on it ?63 to 69 for sure. We are going to have to completely take it apart but for the 300 we paid for it I feel it's worth it. I added a page to my blog to document the rebuild. Please check me out..

  4. Is the aloha and shasta still available?
    I have been looking for a small vintage trailer.
    I can be reached at

  5. Hi,

    I too am interested in a smaller trailer. Can you let me know what's available?

  6. I absolutely love the little tiny trailers. Perhaps my next one. I currently have a 1962 Kencraft named Petunia.

  7. love them. do you have anything available for sale? would love one that you have put work into.

  8. Hi I am in the market for a semi/restored 13' or smaller that can be pulled behind a Honda element. I can do alot of work on the inside if it is road worthy and safe to pull. The interior is not as crucial as long as the floor is still in tact. Let me know. Lisa

  9. Hi Amy, In reading about you, it sounds like we may have a lot of similar interests!

    I'm looking for a little vintage trailer, as I am having to live in a couple of states at the same time, right now. A little vintage trailer seems to be just the ticket!

    I love the Shasta, and am also looking for a Scotty Serro Highlander.

    I've e-mailed you!

  10. Hi Amy,

    I am looking for a little vintage trailer! I live in Portland, but I work in Lincoln City (100 miles away) every weekend. I am looking for a little vintage trailer for my pug, Belle, and I to stay in when we are away from home every weekend.

    Getting a trailer seems like the perfect idea instead of having to stay in hotels, motels, or other people's houses all the time.

    I am wondering if you have any other refurbished trailers available for sale or that are in process of being refurbished.

    I have also sent you an e-mail as well and I hope to hear from you soon!