Monday, January 9, 2012

Your dream trailer?

Actually this was my dream trailer, it's a 1956 pleasure craft 16ft.

We rescued it from under a chestnut tree where it sat for 30 years!
The body is amazingly straight and even the original turqouise paint was preserved under the inch of green moss and dirt.

It is the most AMAZING trailer I have seen, but my loss could be your gain if your up for a project. My husband isn't and I am reluctantly putting it for sale, because it deserves to be loved and restored by someone who will appreciate it's magnificent self as much as I do.

So I hope you didn't get tooo excited, because as you can see it needs SOME work.

Actually alot of work , the back half of the trailer needs complete restoration , the front half is solid and dry with the original rounded corners and beautiful birch.

The rear corner kitchen could be amazing. This trailer has ALL of the original parts, from the princess stove to the marvel fridge

It has the original door , but needs new screen:))LOL!

So if you want an awesome piece of american history and are up for a restoration this could be the one you've been waiting for!

$995.00 as istitle in hand

1956 Pleasure craft