Tuesday, April 5, 2011

67 Shasta Ultra with wings

This is a 67 Shasta Ultra we rescued a couple of weeks ago I cleaned it up and redid the cushions
It has a cute little rear Kitchen
The outside was a little rough, but just needed a little tlc!

This side was nearly perfect and now it has a NEW home in North Seattle, Clarence is going to take it camping again!:)) Another Happy Camper!


  1. Do you have a listing of trailers you have for sale? My husband and I are interested in purchasing a retro camper. Dawn
    pine-ridge@triwest.net Is my email address

  2. Amy, so adorable, I can't wait be be able to buy one, it is my dream to have one of these little darlings. Keep them coming. ALl the best, Carol

  3. Hi found your blog while blog hopping. wanted to say we have trailer fever also. We have a 67 Aristorcrat and a 77 Argousy. We have a lot of fun with them. TTFN

  4. I have a 1964 Shasta 16scs and I love it! It has the same orange stripe as this one..

  5. I have a 1968 Aristocrat low line. just bought it wed. started with the interior. what is a good paint? I am doing white with Olive.?