Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meet Polka Dot Rosie

Well finally my Little old Aladdin gets her name and her new paint job!

My first born is getting her new paint job, well you know what I mean (Sorry kids) a trailer to them, but you know what I mean!

This was the original stripe, but I thought it was a little whimpy!

Mr perfectionist.

Well what do you think? Pretty good for a $35 dollar paint job!

Do you think she needs a silver pin stripe?

Just a quick look at Polka Dot Rosie from the rear!

This paint was awesome for the price ($35 bucks!) I purchased it at Rodda, it is and industrial machine paint oil based enamel and comes in a variety of really great colors! We rolled it on with a very low pile roller, it dries quick so you have to be fast. The hubs did the important rolling job , but I did the even more important "smoothing job" with a foam paint pad I folllowed behind and smoothed out the tiny bubbles!

Friday, July 15, 2011

For Sale-1966 shasta compact with wings

****************SALE PENDING*************This is a cutie 1966 shasta has title, good tires
Sound little trailer, needs tlc I will sell it as-is
since so many people have been inquiring. We plan on refurbishing it this summer, but they take alot of time and it is 3rd on the list!
Pretty nice little front kitchen with electric/gas fridge

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun campout at the FIELD FEST!

The 4th annual Field Fest was a huge success! Every year my closest friends and family get together and sell all kinds of good and bad junk for 3 days out in our big field. The neighbors come and lots of customers from the shop just to say hi and maybe go home with a treasure, but the most fun is introducing so many people to our little trailers! We have managed to get several people hooked after these last two years when we have had our trailers on display.Most fun is after we sell all day and then we get to hang out and party around the campfire!

Here's the nice field before we got started.

Then all the COOL Junk arrives!